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Download Nerisa subtitles in compressed (.zip) format and Nerisa subtitles in direct SRT format. Nerisa is one of the trending movies on Netflix. There are several copies out there that Nerisa subtitles are compatible with. You can read the ratings and reviews for Nerisa from IMDB, and Rotten tomatoes.

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Nerisa movie review

Gorgeous cinematography (by Joshua Reyles) is one element that distinguishes this movie, while Cindy Miranda serves as the compelling center of it all. She simply takes up the screen when she comes on with her radiant presence and the camera liked her from every angle. Miranda was as captivating as her role because to director Fajardo’s great use of both her innate acting skill and her classical beauty. This made it much harder and more upsetting to witness the horrible, humiliating suffering Nerisa went through.

The males in the town were presented as animals who treated their ladies like mere property, with the exception of Bembol Roco’s Badong, who spoke out against the foreign invaders. Obet, played by Aljur Abrenica, was a sad character with a perverse personality. Ito, the perverse barangay captain, was portrayed by Neil Tolentino, and his cunning drinking companions were Lowell Conales and Chrome Cosio. Guji Lorenzana was upsetting a dishonest Coast Guard employee who took advantage of ladies who sought his assistance.

What format to download

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Download Nerisa Subtitles

Below are the download links to download Nerisa subtitles in SRT format and zip file format. These subtitles compatible with 480p, 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 2k, 4k videos. The font uses two colors to represent the text that may help you to clearly see the text.

How to add Nerisa subtitles:

Mobile device

  • Download and install your favorite video player ( VLC for android/IOS, MXPlayer recommended )
  • Then download the subtitles file of Nerisa movie/episode
  • Download the video file that you going to use. 
  • Place both the video file(mp4, Flv, etc) and the subtitles (.SRT) file in the same directory (Folder)
  • Then open the video file using your installed video player
  • The player may automatically detect the subtitles file, if not you have to manually add the file.
  • Click on 3 dots and choose subtitles, then select the subtitles file(.SRT)
  • There may be sync issues, you can simply solve them by using subtitles forwarder and backward buttons. 


  1. Download and install the VLC Media player or any other your favorite player that supports SRT subtitles.
  2. Download the subtitles file (.SRT) of Nerisa movie/episode
  3. Open the movie file in the VLC player by just dragging and dropping the video.
  4. Then right-click on the Video and select subtitles.
  5. Then browse to the Downloads folder and select the subtitles file that you want to add.
  6. Tweek and sync the subtitles with your video copy

If you are using KMPlayer, this post guides you on how to add subtitles in KMPlayer

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