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KMPlayer is one of the favorite video and audio players for PC users. There are a lot and a lot of settings in the KMPlayer to maximize the use case of the player. Because of that, some users could not find the options to add subtitles to the movie. Some users get fear when they see a large menu in their player. They think that missed configurations may cause their player not to function correctly.

Back to the title, how you can add subtitles in KMPlayer?.

First of all, download the subtitles file for the movie that you want to watch. KMPlayer supports multiple subtitles formats including SRT. SRT is the most famous format to create subtitles files. Most of the subtitles that are available to download are also in SRT format. Also, KMPlayer supports ssa, usf, txt, idx, vdx, vtt, etc subtitles formats.

Sometimes subtitles SRT files like main files are compressed. So, you need to uncompress them to get the subtitles to file out. For that, unzip or extract the RAR file. If you don’t have WinRAR installed on your computer, try WinRAR it’s free.

  • open the movie with KMPlayer.
  • Use the keyboard shortcut Alt + o.
  • It will open up a window that you can use to select the subtitles file for the movie.
  • Locate and select the extracted subtitles file
  • Then click open to open the subtitles file in KMPlayer

Sync subtitles with video

If your subtitles are not synced with the video, you have to make it sync manually. Usually, this happens when there’s a different intro than in the video that the subtitles creator used to create. You have the options given by the KMPlayer to sync them. First click on the gear icon at the bottom bar of the KMPlayer.

Then click on the “A” icon at the top of the box that appeared after you clicking the gear icon

It will show subtitles settings that can be used to sync with video

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